How to

The book
of Lore


  • Have a page in your inventory
  • You do not have to own a book to be able to send your page to it as a child NFT
  • Get the ID of the page you want to send
  • Get the id of the book that should receive it


  • Once sent to the book the page will be owned by the owner of the book
  • Thus only the owner of the book can send the page back or equip it

Prepare the command


RMRK::SEND::2.0.0::[ID of Sent NFT (Child)]::[ID of Recipient NFT (Parent)]

Example of a valid command

RMRK::SEND::2.0.0::11822864-54bbe132daf82f486f-EVERLORE-EVRLORE01-0000 0005::11840258-54bbe132daf82f486f-EVERLORE-LOREBOOK-00000001


Create Byte Code

  • The chain command needs to be in byte code
  • Use a service that converts your command string to bytes
  • ... or do it yourself 🤓

Send the page

  • Go the the extrinsics page of polkadot
  • Select the account that owns the page
  • Select "System" and "Remark(Remark)"
  • Insert the command with a leading zero and lowercase x followed by your byte code
  • Submit the transaction

Equip the page

  • If done correctly your page is sent to the book and is equippable
  • The page can then be sent back to the account holding the book over the singular UI

Let the magic happen

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