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Stay a while and listen.

A storm is brewing.

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The Crossing

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The Passage

On your walk to the cliffs, shivering in your wet coat - you discover a ship on the horizon. It's sails are scared by the storm, it's hull is tossed around through forces beyond the sailors control. You just hope they will make it ashore safe.

Something draws you to the pier to find out the origin of this foreign vessel. You decend the cliffs towards the harbour. In about half an hour you will reach town.

You reach town. A lot of @Evrlooter  from the surrounding villages have gathered, eagerly awaiting the ship. It has made it to the pier. While waiting in cover of the tavern roof, you see tired shadows descending from deck. With last willpower they cross the pier. Carrying a large chest, guarded by four of their men.

⚓️ Adventurers ...

... not pirates! Only the most loyal and dedicated have the option to become a crew member of the first 100.

@zeroproofs @Triumph l Rekt @Vinibe
Stop looking around? Get on the boat, we need every hand we can

A good crew is hard to find, we knew that. But that hard? Holy hell... Let's try you guys out anyway...

@jelter A carpenter we heard. We sure got no carpet on board, but your skills will be usefull nonetheless. Get your spare blanks on board and start repairing the old lady after the storm!

@King Chao CanAris| HoK (👑, 👑) We have seen you lurking around quite a bit. Lost something and looking for it? We don’t care honestly. As long as you stop lurking and start helping!

@ThomasM No point for you in waiting on the „The Halve Maen“, we want you. I heard you don’t enjoy cooking, well too bad. The crew got to eat! Get on that stew and make sure you spice it up with a bit of whiskey.

@gk18 Gambling and women, huh? Sounds like you are a sailor by heart. Down for a game of cards?
On board comrades!

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Join the adventure
100 / 100

for first ship

Barrel 🐈
aka Big Chungus
The project's first NFT
Barrel 🐈
a.k.a. Big Chungus
The project's first NFT

Scratch Scratch. The air in the Hammock is filling up with chatter. Looking around you see hooded figures, a silent fisherman, a herbalist, blacksmith and many other professions that affirmate your choice to be well equipped towards whats to come. You also recognize that every newcomer is checked out and sorted in the pecking order of some figures who have been early. You sigh softly, as being involved in any of this is not what you aim for. You glide down the wooden planks of the hull and sit on deck, touching a bottle that rolled over.

What's your name little

🇦 Finny
🇧 Percey
🇨 Sir Toby
🇩 Mr. Smithers
🇪 Margot
🇫 Barrel

Final Result
🇦 ▓░░░░░░░░░ [2 • 5%]
🇧 ▓░░░░░░░░░ [2 • 5%]
🇨 ▓░░░░░░░░░ [5 • 14%]
🇩 ▓░░░░░░░░░ [2 • 5%]
🇪 ░░░░░░░░░░ [1 • 3%]
🇫 ▓▓▓▓▓▓▓░░░ [25 • 68%]
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Community Highlight
Catching Barrel

The boat hull has been repaired completely. The captain and the head of the repair crew end the day with a deck of cards and a bottle of old wine. What a sunset. What an uncertainty ahead of us all. He swallows the glass in one go, grabs his lantern and goes to his cabin. A short "meow" reminds the crew that Barrel is constantly sneaking in his comfy bed, and the captain just threw him out. They smile. They drink. They are alive.

The Book of Lore
The project's first NFT Collection

The information about Trakan is scarce. There aren’t many people that live to tell the stories about that mysterious place. Over the last few days we have seen the captain reading from an old damaged book. The crew became more and more suspicious and rumors started to swirl around. Anytime someone approached the captain, he slammed the book shut and put it away. Having had enough the crew decided to try and steal the book off of him. At night, when he fell asleep, a brave fella snuck into the captains cabin and took the book. Amazed by their loot, the crew realized the book is filled with information about the new world. Information nobody has ever heard of. The condition of the book is horrendous, though. That’s why we decided to commission a monk and his fellow brothers to create detailed copies. The process is time consuming and tedious, so we don’t expect too many copies. But tomorrow they should be finished with the first page, we can’t wait to study it.

Revealing secrets about the new world, the Dunes of Trakan, this collection consists of 10 pages that can be bound into a leather book. Collect them and get to know the mysterious world we are about to conquer.

Good morning adventurers.

As the captain strolls through town, he recognises a lot of new faces. There has been great interest in joining his vessel. Is it because the promise of treasure and adventure? Or is it rather that people flee from their everyday life? He sees kids approaching him. His urge to tell them: “Don’t, don’t join” is growing. Many faces won’t return. Souls will be lost. Is it his obligation to scare them away? After all he needs a capable crew to Sail these seas. He swallows his bad consciousness and heads to the tavern for a drink and to laugh with the townspeople.

Today page 7 🔥
Can’t wait for the complete book

we are getting closer! :watching:

Day 8 is finally here 👀
  • The Book

  • Strange Page

  • equipped

The Kraken
The project's first Mission
The Kraken
The project's first Mission

The Captain rushed to the front of the ship scanning the waters for any signs that would confirm what he now suspected. When he spotted the dark shadow moving beneath the surface of the water he sprang into action.

"You!!" he shouted grabbing the nearest member of the crew by the shoulder and pulling them to the railing of the ship. "Don’t take your eyes off of that! And if you see it coming any closer you holler to high hell so the fish on the bottom can hear."

Seppy | Baal
i will kick krakens ASS
now! gimmie that harpoon!

I need one too come on guy this thing is really big !

woke up suddenly, what the hell is going on!


not sale yet

Seppy | Baal

Are you crazy, we dont sell these, we fight


Csaint02 (α,α)
Throw me a harpoon for throw it at the beast's eyes!!

Moon-Bearer | APE
Harpoon dealer doesnt want to make any money. Can we fight the Kraken with anything else? Maybe throw poo at him?

Hey Harpoon-dealer.....sell me a Harpoon, village is in Danger!

DamienMk | Archiverse


"Listen up everyone. Every man that can hold a harpoon grab one"

🏹 ready

Are you the drunken fella who just woke up??? GET TO THE DECK, GRAB A TORCH AND FIRESPIT THAT RUM OUT!

Here you go, take these harpoons

DamienMk | Archiverse
Hips, Fire!

Austin The Brave

Csaint02 (α,α)

I have a Harpoon!! finally found it!


Check your belongings

DamienMk | Archiverse


Seppy | Baal
TO ARMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!­!!!!!!!

will they survive?
Fighting the Kraken
The mission frontend
They survived.

The boat hull has been repaired completely. The captain and the head of the repair crew end the day with a deck of cards and a bottle of old wine. What a sunset. What an uncertainty ahead of us all. He swallows the glass in one go, grabs his lantern and goes to his cabin. A short "meow" reminds the crew that Barrel is constantly sneaking in his comfy bed, and the captain just threw him out. They smile. They drink. They are alive.

The battle with the Kraken had left a lasting toll on the Resolute, and it had taken days of double duties just to stay afloat and make what repairs the crew could. They managed well enough, but the ship would require proper repairs when she arrives in Trakan.

Once the ship was sailing again the mood in the air remained somber, partly because many of the crew were nursing injuries, the Captain included, but also for fear that if there should be another Kraken attack, they would likely not survive. The wind had also died down by this point, which slowed their advance, and further dampened their moods. Nevertheless, they carried on staying focused on their duties, and with every day that passed without incident their spirits were lifted, and by the time the Captain was back to marching up and down the deck at full tilt, the crew had found their groove again and were also beginning to look like experienced sailers.

With the Kraken battle weeks behind them and the fear of another attack shifting to the back of their minds, a new concern arose; when would they finally be arriving in Trakan? Anyone who was brave enough to ask the Captain received the same unsatisfying answer, “Soon”. It wasn’t until the Captain began making regular trips to the bow of the ship to peer at the horizon through his telescope, that they started to believe him. Some crew members would join him there, squinting and shielding their eyes from the sun as they looked eastward. Seeing no land on the horizon, they would usually return to their duties begrudgingly on their own, but sometimes it took a sideways glance and a quick gesture from the Captain to break their gaze.

Each day that passed saw more and more members of the crew joining the Captain on his trips to the bow, but each day brought the same disappointment, and it stung more each time. The only consolation was that the wind had picked up once again, so the Resolute was moving at a decent pace. That boon quickly turned bane though when the wind began cutting across the port side of the ship and continued to pick up speed. This made it difficult for the crew to maintain the ship’s heading as the waves picked up, battering the already fragile Resolute. But staying true to her name, the Resolute and her crew carried on.

One day as the Captain took his perch near the bow at sunrise, all that accompanied him could see with a naked eye that the sun shone with a peculiar glow as it began to peek over the horizon. At last, the first sign of land was met with cheers and embraces amongst the crew. As the sun continued to rise it was as if it were passing through a thick copper-coloured cloud that seemed to grow up out of the ground and enveloped what must be the city of Trakan. As the ship battled the waves and crosswind towards the shore, the crew could only make out the slightest silhouette of the city. They were so close to their destination, but what poor timing, they were arriving at the onset of a foreboding sandstorm…


Always guarded by her two shadows Noora quietly roams the palace gardens - the only thing left after the recent tragic family events.

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