While offering utility in it's own ecosystem, we plan to reap the benefits of RMRK 2.0 and extend the gear to other projects.

We are a team of highly motivated professionals focusing on quality.


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Day 8

  • God tries to create nested NFTs
  • He fails as RMRK 2.0 is not released yet

Dec '21:
The vision

  • Listening to Bruno Skvorc's @bitfalls podcast and getting inspired
  • The idea and vision for a dark-dungeon themed cross-metaverse item series is born

Jan '22: Foundation

  • Setup team evrloot and start putting in serious work
  • Rent the most beautiful dungeon office in the underworld

Feb '22: Content, Code & Lore

  • Ramp up content creation ✓
  • First sketches turn into professional artwork ✓
  • Onboard 2 more team members ✓
  • Lore finalized for Prologue & ACT I ✓
  • The first ship (“Whitelist”) preparing for the new world ✓
  • Revealed a still secret airdrop for first ship crew ✓
  • Sneakpeaks of content creation ✓
  • Website release ✓

Mar '22: Onboarding

  • Raffles for spots on the first ship ✓
  • Character sneak peak ✓
  • Lore parts & first gamified NFT elements ✓
  • Community growth ✓
  • Introduction of character classes ✓
  • The ships depart for an epic voyage → Q2
  • Introduction to ACT I through riddles on the boat ✓
  • FIRST SALE: The Book of Lore ✓

Q2 '22: Leaving safe shores

  • Raffles for spots on the first ships, until full ✓
  • Introduction game design ✓
  • Ship departs for an epic voyage ✓
  • Implementation of browser based interactions (missions, shop, etc.) in RMRK 2 ✓
  • "An hour at the fortune teller"
  • → Characters with randomized class ✓
  • Potential for first equipments on them ✓
  • Usable Equipment feature on the frontend ✓

Q3 '22: get in the game

  • Introduction of the world map
  • Incentivize Character trading
  • Introduction of enemy types
  • tbd

Further down the road

  • Conditional rendering
  • Introduction of ACT II
  • Decisions and impact of decisions on equipment
  • Sales start for ACT II themed gear chests
  • Opening for cross project item compatibility
  • Hardcore Parts of the lore with Permadeath and NFT Burning

even further down the road

  • Character Stats 2.0
  • Skill tree
  • Player versus Player fights
  • Integration of RMRK 3.0 smart contracts
  • Sale ACT III & IV themed chests
  • Act III & IV

We are dedicated crypto and NFT lovers that want to showcase our enthusiasm to the world. Around the 4 founders gathers a group of highly talented humans from around the world. They complete The Small Council.

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